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Equality East Citizens Coalition
1612 Baie Verte Crescent
Orléans ON  KIC 3K2
(613) 837-7950


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Our Vision

Ottawa East in 2020: The Destination of Choice in our Nation’s Capital.

By the year 2020, Ottawa East and its Town Centre, Orléans, are celebrated both at home and abroad as a model, self-sustaining and adaptable community where a wide variety of world-class cultural venues, recreational facilities and economic and social activities make it the destination of choice in our Nation’s Capital for visitors, businesses and residents alike. Renowned for its exemplary balance between environmental, economic and historical concerns, Ottawa East boasts: dynamic clusters of commercial activity and visitor attractions; vibrant, pedestrian-friendly streetscapes; distinctive greenspaces and parklands linked by a network of nature trails; and a “state-of-the-art” multi-modal transportation and transit system. For all its exciting amenities, the real strength of Ottawa East / Orléans lies in its people: a bilingual, multicultural, highly educated and service-oriented workforce welcomes the world to a community we are proud to call home.

Our Mission

Through united action, Equality East is dedicated to:

  • Providing Ottawa’s East District community with a strong, effective voice in civic affairs;
  • Promoting public and private investment in the renewal and expansion of the East District community’s cultural, economic and social infrastructure; and,
  • Enhancing our quality of life through the advancement of fair and equal opportunity for all members of the East District community.


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