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Equality East Citizens Coalition
1612 Baie Verte Crescent
Orléans ON  KIC 3K2
(613) 837-7950


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What's New...

Citizens groups call for compromise on St.-Joseph Revitalization
(Posted April 22, 2003)

Orléans, Ontario – The St. Joseph Boulevard Public Advisory Committee (PAC) may be ready to back down from its long-standing key demand that no revitalization proceed on Orléans’ Main Street until the overhead utility wires are buried if city officials can show a clear commitment to the eventual burial of the wires, says PAC Chair Diane Boucher.   >>> more

Equality East questions City’s piece-meal approach to P3
(Posted March 20, 2003)

Orléans, Ontario – The City of Ottawa’s piece-meal approach to public-private partnerships (P3) is inconsistent with the recommendations of a city-sponsored facility study, and potentially jeopardizes an east end proposal for a multipurpose sports development and training centre, says J.-F. Claude, Chair of the Equality East Citizen's Coalition.  >>> more

Arts facility victory no time to rest on our laurels
(Posted January 14, 2003)

News has been spreading like wildfire throughout the east end community about our victory at last Wednesday's city council budget meeting. In an 18-4 vote, members of Ottawa City Council voted to insert $9.1-million into the city's 2005 capital budget forecast for the construction of the long-awaited east end arts and culture facility.  >>> more

Chamber Forum this Thursday crucial to an east end development action plan
(Posted January 14, 2003)

What is your vision for Orléans-Cumberland over the next 5, 10 and 20 years? Your participation at this Thursday's public forum on the future of our community is crucial if we are to be the architects of our own destiny.  >>> more

East end arts facility campaign a success story in community-building
(Posted January 14, 2003)

Orléans, Ontario – One of the little known stories behind the City of Ottawa’s recent 2003 budget exercise is how an entire community mobilized and successfully lobbied City Hall for the establishment of a permanent community arts and culture facility in Ottawa’s east end.  >>> more

City’s “Findings” report further confirms urgent need for arts facility
(Posted December 19, 2002)

Orléans, Ontario – An interim “Findings” report released today by the City of Ottawa as part of its East District Arts Needs Assessment process further justifies the pressing need for an east end arts facility, says the Chair of the Equality East Citizens’ Coalition, J.-F. Claude.  >>> more

Art Attack
by Walter Robinson
(Published in The Ottawa Sun, December 14, 2002)

There's an old saying that goes: If you want something done right, do it yourself. In the context of the present city budget debates, the new saying goes: If you want something from the budget -- especially if it involves capital dollars -- you better form a big, diverse and unprecedented coalition.   >>> more

Orléans Chamber of Commerce joins Equality East’s chorus call for an east end arts and culture facility
(Posted December 8, 2002)

The Equality East campaign for an east end arts centre has received a major boost with news that the Orléans Chamber of Commerce has signed onto the citizens coalition’s Declaration of Support. The announcement was made today by Chamber President Diane Boucher and Equality East Chair J.-F. Claude.   >>> more

Chair's Message
(Posted October 02, 2002)

Welcome to the Virtual Headquarters of the Equality East Citizens Coalition!

Founded in September 2002, Equality East is an independent, non-partisan community-based citizens’ coalition committed to promoting the cultural, economic and social development of the City of Ottawa's East District community.  >>> more

© J.-F. Claude, 2003