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Equality East Citizens Coalition
1612 Baie Verte Crescent
Orléans ON  KIC 3K2
(613) 837-7950

Arts Centre


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Join the Equality East campaign for an arts and cultural facility in Ottawa's East District!
(Posted October 23, 2002)

The Equality East Citizens’ Coalition officially launched on October 23, 2002 a campaign to press members of City Council to commit a minimum of $8-million to establish a permanent, multifunctional community arts and cultural facility in Ottawa’s East District. 

Our campaign is just now getting under way... we need your help!  To show your support for an arts and cultural facility in Ottawa's East District, we invite you to:

Heads of community-based organisations may sign onto our Declaration of Support by e-mailing Equality East or calling (613) 837-7950.

To volunteer your services with our campaign, please visit our Membership section and fill out the registration form provided.

E-mail City Hall Form

Please fill out the form below to send an e-mail to members of City Council and select city staff.  A suggested message is provided for your convenience, but you may modify the message as you deem fit.  Thank you in advance for supporting our efforts to establish an arts and cultural facility in Ottawa's East District.

Full name:
Postal code:


Download a copy of our petition below and gather as many signatures as you can muster between now and December 3rd, 2002.  Completed petitions may be returned to the Gloucester Arts Council (GAC) at the Cyrville Community Centre, 4355 Halmont Drive (ph. 749-4978) or the Visual Arts Centre, Orléans (VACO) at 1490 Youville Drive in Orléans (ph. 830-5420).

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept online signatures for this petition at this time.  To sign our petition, you may drop by the GAC or VACO offices during regular business hours, or send us an e-mail to make alternate arrangements.

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